The Shipwreck Centre

The Shipwreck Centre

The Shipwreck Centre and Maritime Museum is situated in the thriving Arreton Barns Craft Village on the Isle of Wight and is managed by the Maritime Archaeology Trust. It's bursting at the seams with thousands of fascinating objects recovered from shipwrecks, antique diving equipment, Spanish gold and silver, ship models and a multitude of other intruiging relics from the past.

Visit the museum website to find out more, or book one of our hour-long sessions:

Self-guided Learning

Pupils can explore the museum independently through our specially-designed Treasure Hunt, which teachers children about shipwrecks and other sunken secrets. 

Cost: £2.50 per person.

Early-Years Workshops

For pre-school aged children we provide a hands-on sensory experience, developed to encourage curiosity and explore the underwater world. This session is aimed at pre-schools, childminders and small groups.

Cost: £3.00 per person.

Facilitated Curriculum-linked Workshops

The content of our facilitated workshops will be tailored to suit your class and availability. All sessions are linked into the National Curriculum to provide a stimulating teaching experience outside the classroom. In particular, we focus on:
KS1 and KS2: Maths, Art &Ddesign
KS1 only: Science, History

Cost: £3.50 per person.

Make a booking enquiry

To book an outreach session at the Shipwreck Centre, please get in touch by:


Phone: 023 8023700 (8.30am - 4pm)