Hire Kits

Hire Kits

The table below provides a summary of the kits we have available to buy or to hire.

Make a kit hire enquiry

To discuss your requirements, please get in touch by:

Email: education@maritimearchaeologytrust.org

Phone: 023 8023700 (8.30am - 4pm)

Not quite what you were looking for or not fitting within your budget? Please contact us as bespoke kits can be made to your requirements. Please contact us in the first instance to discuss your requirements and/or to arrange to come and take a look at these teaching resources.We will be happy to provide a no-obligation quote. Sometimes alternative funding enables us to offer heavily-subsidised or free activities, so it is always worth enquiring.

Kit Description
Discovering Titanic

English in practice - using documentary sources. KS2 upwards. Buy or hire.

Discovering Tianic Extended

Cross Curricular. English in practice - using documentary sources. Science (physics) in practice - robotics and geophysics. Science (chemistry) in practice - material strength and decay. KS2 upwards. Buy or hire.

Drawing and Illustration

Art in practice - technical illustration. KS3 upwards. Buy or hire.

Dressing the Part

High-vis clothing and hard harts. KS1 upwards. Hire only.

Handling Collection Kits

KS1 Upwards. A range of kits can be made up. Hire only.

Mini Excavation

Geography in practice - soil layers. KS2 upwards. Hire only.

Mini Underwater Excavation

Science in practice - physics of pressure. KS2 upwards. Buy or hire.

Mystery Wreck Handling Collection

History in practice - artefact identification. KS2 upwards. Hire only.


Art in practice - technical photography. KS3 upwards. Buy or hire.

Planning Frame Survey

Maths in practice - drawing in ration. KS2 upwards. Buy or hire.

Shipwreck Survey

Maths in practice - trilateriation and datum offsets. KS3 upwards. Buy or hire.

Under the Sea

Science in practice - marine species and habitats. KS1 upwards.  Buy or hire.

Wreck Research Project A2S

Cross Curricular. KS2 upwards. Buy or hire.